What`s Another Word for in Agreement

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Are you tired of using the same phrase over and over again when trying to convey that two parties are in agreement? Look no further, because there are several alternative words and phrases that can add some variation to your writing.

One common synonym for “in agreement” is “concurrence.” This word carries the same meaning, but can add a touch of formality to your language. For example, “The two parties came to a concurrence on the terms of the agreement.”

Another option is “accordance,” which implies a level of harmony or unity between the parties. For instance, “The two parties acted in accordance with one another throughout the negotiation process.”

If you`re looking for a more casual or conversational tone, you may opt for “on the same page.” This phrase is often used colloquially to indicate agreement, as in “I think we`re finally on the same page with this project.”

Similarly, “in sync” or “in step” can convey a sense of harmony or alignment between parties, as in “The two departments were in sync with each other`s goals.”

Lastly, “in harmony” can be used to indicate a sense of unity or coherence between parties. For example, “The two musicians played in harmony with each other throughout the concert.”

In summary, there are multiple ways to express that two parties are in agreement. Choosing a synonym that best suits your writing style and tone can add depth and variation to your language.